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Siegward Heintze


Born in 1959 in Saulgau, Germany. Dr. Heintze studied dentistry in Berlin from 1978-1984.
– Assistant Professor Operative Dentistry, Berlin, Charité, 1984-1989
(Prof. J.-F. Roulet)
– Continuing Education Pediatric Dentistry (60%), Charité, Berlin, 1989-1993
(Dr. Chr. Finke)
– One day per week working in a private practice in Berlin, 1989-1992
– PhD « Screening for individuals with high caries risk », 1992
– Awarded the Hufeland Prize, 1993. The Hufeland prize is awarded for the best study in the field of prevention (general medicine and dentistry)
– Scholarship by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft/Research at the University of Bauru, Brazil: « Risks and benefits of water fluoridation in the Southeast of Brazil”, 1994-1996 (Prof. J.-R. de Magalhães Bastos).
– Ivoclar Vivadent, Head of Clinical Research, 1997-2001
since 2001 Head of Preclinical Research
– Ph.D thesis at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 2010: “Predictability of Clinical Wear by Laboratory Wear Methods for the Evaluation of Dental Restorative Materials” (Prof. M. Özcan)

Focus of research (since 15 years)

  • Clinical relevance of laboratory methods to test dental materials
  • Wear of dental materials – in vitro and in vivo
  • Systematic reviews and meta-analyses of clinical trials on restorative materials

About 65 publications in peer-reviewed international journals.

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